83 Anzac Ave, Seymour Victoria 3660, Australia
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Chad Guinther

Great family restaurant. I’ve lived all over the world and the Seymour Kebab House makes one of the best kebabs i’ve ever eaten.

facebook | Sept 6, 2019

Josie Farrelly

Always a great experience at the Seymour Kebab House! Great service and food. Always an extremely inviting environment. And the new food boards look awesome!. Relaxing atmosphere · Cosy atmosphere · Cheap eats · Popular with locals · Convenient location · Delicious sandwiches

facebook | August 15, 2019

Kavita Rajesh Kalyan

This was the best kebab i have ever tasted.NO literally the salad was SO GOOOOD Go check it out Kebab house seymour anzac avanue 83. Healthy salads

facebook | July 22, 2019

Greg Bradford

Just had a cheese burger, the best burger I've ever eaten, finished it before I made it home, fantastic Raj, thanks mate ����

facebook | Nov 15, 2018

Will Miller

omg the big raj burger is awesome. kebabs are great aswell.

facebook | Nov 13, 2018

Jayden Ann-louise Collins

Just had the Big Rajy, my goodness! absolutely delicious. Kebabs are brilliant as are the HSPs. Yum all round! 😍

facebook | Oct 17, 2018


Not only is the food great but the customer service is even better, you haven’t lived until you’ve taken a bite of one of these kebabs.

tripadvisor | Oct 2, 2018

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